A New Adventure for Bamboo Studio

September 21st, 2017 by Yili Bonarski

Our miniature figurine classes are a great way to get into a new hobby!

Bamboo Studio is going on an exciting new adventure!

Starting October 2nd, Bamboo Studio is partnering with West Michigan Tabletop Gamers to offer a fun and unique new class. Miniature figurines are tiny, versatile pieces of art: used in board games, tabletop roleplaying games, panoramas, or just for display, these remarkably detailed figurines just need a little paint to come to life!

These classes are designed for every skill level, from people who have never heard of miniature figurines to those who have painted them for years! The instructor of our mini figurine painting classes, award-winning figurine painter Gabby Wilson, will take the class through one figurine each session. In three hours, your figurine will transform from unpainted to tabletop-ready. You’ll learn the basics of layering, shading, and highlighting for each mini, and one specific advanced technique every time!

At $15 per class, our miniature figurine painting class is an affordable way to pick up a new hobby. Classes will be offered once a month. After signing up through West Michigan Tabletop Gamers, all you need to bring is $15; we’ll provide you with a mini and all the supplies you need! As always, you can take home your finished product and a fun new experience (without doing any of the cleanup!) We hope you’ll join us as we explore new territory this October.

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