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Meet our team of talented artists! Check our schedule to paint with these pros, or book a private painting party for your next big event.

Frances Pollard leads the team at Grand Rapids Painting Party Place, Bamboo StudioFrances Pollard

Frances has been doodling, drawing, painting and creating since she could hold a crayon, but she only started painting with acrylics a year ago. Her attitude is summed up by her comment, “If I can do it, you can too.”

Xiao Chen is an art student at Kendall College.Xiao Chen Liu

Xiao Chen began her study of painting and drawing in northeastern China. She is currently a student at Kendall College. Her interests include classical Chinese ink painting, calligraphy, and not-so-Classical digital art. Xiao Chen is available for private parties taught in Chinese.

Alex Tiesma is an art student and a digital artist.Alex Tiesma

Alex has a passion for art of all kinds, and seeks to continue her professional education in digital art. She comes from a family of artists who have always loved paint parties, even before they emerged as a popular entertainment venue.

Tammy Tran is a Digital Media major at Kendall College.Tammy Tran

Tammy is currently a student at Kendall College, majoring in Digital Media. Her bubbly and energetic personality is expressed not only in interactions with the people around her, but through her art. Tammy believes that creativity lies within a person’s unique style, imagination, patience, and determination.


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