5 Arts and Crafts to Try this Fall

October 3rd, 2017 by Yili Bonarski

As we settle into cooler weather after an unseasonal heatwave, we finally feel like fall is here to stay. The cool air and bright, warm colors always inspire us to be creative, and with holiday entertaining coming up, we’ve put on our crafting caps to get ready. We picked out some autumn crafts that we’re definitely going to use this season – check them out and try them with us!

Painting of Fall Leaves by Grand Rapids Painting Classes & Party Place

Mod Podge Lace Pumpkins: These pretty pumpkins are chic and simple, which we love. We can never resist the cute little pumpkins at the patch or in the store, so this is a good way to turn an impulse buy into a stunning decoration! Use one larger pumpkin to bring the feeling of fall to an entrance or hallway, or cluster several smaller pumpkins for a festive end table display.

Fall Mason Jars: Candles are right up there on our cool-weather favorites list, and these mason jars bring an extra level of adorable. Try using several different decals, such as apples, turkeys, and cornucopias, for a little variety. These candle jars make great gifts, or you could stick them in every alcove like us! With scented candles, such as cinnamon, vanilla, and pine, these will make your house look and smell divine.

DIY Autumn Leaf Bowls: We love the rustic feel of these leaf bowls, and we can’t resist the bright colors of fall leaves. This is a fun craft for all ages, as precision is not the goal. Use your finished bowl to keep potpourri, keys, or wrapped candies for a little treat, or place it on top of your dresser to hold all of your miscellaneous things.

Splatter-Painted Pumpkins: In case you couldn’t tell, we love pumpkins! Here in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we have the perfect fall weather for pumpkin picking, and nothing says fall like fresh pumpkins in your house. That being said, rotting pumpkins are never fun to deal with, so we plan on using plastic pumpkins for this beautiful craft. Since they’re completely painted, the shiny, fake look of cheap pumpkin decorations won’t bother us – plus, no need to worry about cleaning up smelly gourds. Just put them in storage for next year!

10-Minute Pumpkin Spice Soap:Painting of a cornucopia filled with harvested fruits at Grand Rapids' painting class & party place, Bamboo Studio Something about the combination of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and ginger just speaks to us, and this easy soap is no exception. This is definitely going to be in every bathroom, and in our friends’ homes, too! Quick and easy soap is a great gift or fundraiser item, and the little flecks of spices make it look so effortlessly chic.

Once you’ve finished crafting up a storm and filled your house with fall decor, don’t forget to tie everything together with our autumn-themed paintings. Sign up for one of our painting classes and you can tell your friends and family that you made everything! DIY and autumn? Sign us up!

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